Beautiful Rose (Beautiful Rose, #1) - Missy Johnson
Beautiful Rose is the first in the series, and let me tell you, it is raw and emotional. Rose has been mentally unstable since she was a little girl, now as an adult, she is trying to just make it. Never does she think, that she will find happiness nor deserve it either. This will take you on a journey to find just that.

Rose is broken, but not for the reasons that we read about most of this time. She is haunted by her childhood, and events that took place. She is a mature young girl, who is trying to make it on her own. I like her a lot and felt for her, her story was heartbreaking. Now, Jack is one busy man. He is trying to make himself forget about his pain. He buys a bar, and has to hire people to work, and this is how he meets Rose. Now he does have a girlfriend, if that is what you want to call her. She is a horrible person, didn't like her at all. Jack was a pretty good guy, just needed to get some motivation to move on from his loss. There are a few characters like Jack's brother, Alex, that I just adored. He was so sweet and I really hope there is more about him in the next book.

This is told from Rose and Jack's perspective, and is an emotional roller coaster, from both sides. They both have back stories that they are still dealing with each and every day, each in their own ways. Believing that they neither one deserve happiness was hard to read at times, and their journey to find it wasn't an easy one. Johnson does a wonderful job making me fall for both of them and become so invested in their lives. I have to mention Jack and Alex and their sibling bond as well as the friendship they had with each other. I thought it was great to see, especially in a book that is so emotional, Alex was supportive and caring not only for Jack but Rose too. Plotwise, it is hard to tell you a lot about it, because it will spoil and take away from being able to read and experience the emotions that were invoked by Rose's childhood, and why she is suffering mental instability. A few sensitive subjects are dealt with, and I feel that they were handled with a great care and sensitivity. Now, there is a HEA for them, but I am curious to see who the next book will be about. Hopefully Alex. *hint, hint**

Beautiful Rose is an intensely raw and emotional story, there are twists and drama that will keep you turning pages till you reach the end. I would definitely recommend this one.

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