Ruined - Jus Accardo
I grew up going to church and remember what I learned about Cain and Abel, so when I read the blurb that this was about a decedent of Cain, I knew I had to see what Accardo had in store for Ruined. Jax had been sharing his body with a demon his entire life, and the struggle to not give in to it has now been easy. He leaves home, to keep his family and friends safe, but soon has to return home when a family member is sick. Samantha left home not too long after Jax did and is back home, but the why isn’t clear and she is not telling. Jax is going to soon find out, and now he will have to decide what he going to do to help her, his demon and so many other things too. Including his brother.

Jax is a force to be reckoned with. He has been traveling and seen so many places, all thew while he was just avoiding coming home. I understand the need to push people away with what he is dealing with, but mostly I just wanted to smack him for for being so arrogant about it all. He has a soft side though when it comes to Samantha even if he doesn’t want to admit it. He pushes her away at every turn and she does the same, she was heartbroken when he left, and she ran just like him, which I don’t blamer her for wanting to put it all behind her. I liked Samantha, she was strong and stubborn and didn’t let Jax push her around. Now, Jax, Samantha and Chase the twin brother, all grew up together, and there is history there and we do learn a little about it. Chase, is a complete opposite of Jax. Chase was always the quiet one and the one who didn’t get into trouble that everyone seemed to love. I guess you could say, you have one “good” brother and one “bad” brother, but I just didn’t see Jax as the bad brother, I really liked him. There are a few side characters that I absolutely loved and one particular that played a big part, and was so intriguing, especially at the end.

The story did start off on the slow side, it doesn’t take don’t long for it to pick up. This is a twisted version of Cain and Abel, and the love/hate relationship between the two brothers was done very well, and even if you don’t know much about the story of Cain and Abel, there is plenty of groundwork laid out at the beginning that it is easy to understand what it going on. But this has a twist to, a demon that is living inside Jax is gaining strength and wants to have Jax finally let him have control. There is so much sexual tension between Jax and Samantha is drips off the pages, but there is someone is after Samantha, and Jax isn’t going to give up on finding them so easily. The who, is where this gets interesting, and so many twists come into it all. And chaos ensues. There are demons, betrayals, and a cliffhanger that just about killed me. The second installment in The Eternal Balance is going be Awwwwesome.

This is my first book from Accardo, and I don’t know how I have not read anything from her before. Fans of good versus evil, and fighting for what you want will eat this one up. Ruined is sexy, romantic and full of betrayals and mystery, and needs to be picked up. An excellent start to the series!

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