Darkest Day (The 19th Year, #3) - Emi Gayle
This is the third and final installment in The 19th Year Trilogy, and one that I have been looking forward to for a while. It is a series that has been so good, with characters that were just great and such a good storyline as well. I’m sad to see it end, but wow it was was a good ending. Being the third book makes a little harder to not give away too many things but I will do my best. Mac has not had it easy at all, event after event has tested her, and as the time approaches for her to make a final decision as to what supernatural form she will choose, the hardest thing will be if she can give up the only guy she has ever let get close and loved.

Mac has always been one stubborn but so courageous young girl. As her 19th birthday approaches it should be a fun time for her, so I don’t envy her at all for the life changing decisions that she has to make, and I certainly understand her reluctance to give up Winn. Because come on, he is just an amazing guy. Now don’t get me wrong, Mac is hot headed, and doesn’t necessarily always think things through, but she has grown so much when it comes to the way she views the world around her. The realisticness of Mac’s character is what made her an enjoyable heroine. She strong some strength and wit that I was quite pleased with. Winn, well he is as always, just wonderful when it came to Mac, so understanding and loving. The fantastic cast of secondary were awesome, especially good ole Suze. Love him!

The story has quite a few loose ends that were left from the first and second book, and they all came together so well. The pacing was perfect, giving just a little bit of information that played into Mac’s decision about her seat on the Council. Gayle kept me wondering until the very end that’s for sure. There were so many things that happened, from the snarkiness that made me crack up laughing, and those twists that you just don’t see coming that made me so happy. There was even a life lesson that teens have to deal with but should never have to go through that made me cry my eyes out. The ending is exactly how this needed to have it all end, and I couldn’t have been more pleased with it.

Darkest Day is one satisfying conclusion to a series that I am so sad to see end. The whole series is one that I have enjoyed and highly recommend picking up, especially for those who are fans of YA paranormal romances.

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