The Coldest Girl in Coldtown - Holly Black, Christine Lakin

Wow, where do I start with this one. I have a thing for vampires, and I like the dark, and creepy ones and that is exactly what I got. The narrator was fantastic, and seems to capture all the characters voices quite well, even thought this book seemed to be sooo long. I think the last audiobook I listened to was about 8 hours, and this one was 12. But it was so worth it. Anyway, Tana has woke up and her friends that she was partying with are dead. Well, the ex-boyfriend isn’t at least. Once they escape with some unexpected help, they have to make it to a Coldtown, where they have a chance to be safe.

Tana is in no way a stranger to vampires. She has a past where they are concerned, and the flashes back to those days was chilling. Definitely gave insight into why she was such a strong young girl. I liked the fact that this girl never gave up, even when things looked bleak. She made for a great heroine. The newly infected, ex-boyfriend Aidan, and the mysterious vampire Gavriel, were two characters that I liked from the start. They both added so much to the story, I can safely say that I never really felt like there was a love triangle between Tana, Aidan and Gavriel. They spend a large amount of time together, but I think it was pretty clear who Tana’s love interest really was. And when it was finally confirmed, I think I pretty much yelled, YES! Al of the characters, main and secondary all brought something to the story as a whole and I don’t we could have asked for better ones.

The whole concept behind Coldtown’s was freaking awesome and so frighteneing. Vampires and human living together, maybe not in harmony but vampires are glorified like celebrities. And the vampirism angle and they “become” was unique and completely terrifying at the same time. Inside the walls, there is plenty of tension, bloodshed and betrayals, the story itself does slow down some but at no point did I become bored or lose interest. And there is a romance and it was an interesting one of the forbidden kind. The unpredictability of the plot was freakin awesome, with things that I didn’t expect. The ending was sooo good, and I could definitely use another book in this world and especially more Tana and Gavriel.

The coldest Girl in Coldtown is one seriously dark and twisted world and I devoured every minute of it. I highly recommend the audiobook version of it. It even has creepy music. Loved it!

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