Such Sweet Sorrow - Jenny Trout
3.5 hearts

This is a retelling of Romeo and Juliet, and at first I was a little afraid of reading this. I am a sucker for the tragic love stories and Romeo and Juliet is a classic one.

The characters, Romeo, Juliet and Hamlet were the way I remember them, but Trout did a great job making them her own for this retelling. Romeo was loyal all the way, and Juliet was strong and loved him dearly. Their romance was so sweet and just how I liked it. Hamlet was the one that I couldn’t really figure out though. He was certainly interesting. We get alternating POV’s from Hamlet and Romeo The journey through hell to get to the bittersweet ending was certainly not without twists and turns, and what would hell be without evil creatures, and they were completely fascinating. The pacing was sometimes on the slow side, but I didn’t lose interest at any time. I am curious if there will be more to the story, with that last few paragraphs. I am hoping that there is.

Such Sweet Sorrow was a retelling that I enjoyed, it had a great blend of the elements of Romeo and Juliet love story and mythology.

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