Avalon (Avalon, #1) - Mindee Arnett

Avalon is the first in a new science fiction series, following Jeth on a journey to retrieve a a missing ship in what is basically a Bermuda Triangle in space only it doesn’t according to plan.

Jeth is the main character and narrator for the book. I think I liked him from the start, he was so protective of his sister and his crew. He might be a little on the impulsive side at first, I think he just liked to have himself in danger, but as I read on, I began to understand him more. The crew were all pretty interesting. There was a romance that blossomed later on, and it was fairly sweet, but was instalove all the same.

This is one those books, that I almost gave up on about a third of the way in, but pushed through. From about half till the end is where this made me happy that I continued reading it. I had a hard time with the pacing until then, I know there was some world building that needed to be done to get the story going, but for me it took a long time and I began to lose interest. There were some events that took place that caught my attention, and between the twists and betrayals and corruption exposed and a few other things, I was engaged. Once everything got going, I didn’t have a hard time with the science fiction aspects and found them easy to follow and understand and found it all pretty interesting. I am hoping to learn more about First Earth, and maybe more about the characters too, so I will be sure an pick up the next installment. Even though I had a few issues in the beginning I ended up enjoy this more that I thought I would.

Avalon’s world was fascinating, and a pretty good start to a new series. I think fans of science fiction will enjoy.

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