The Darkest Joy (The Darkest Joy, #1) - Marata Eros

A while back I read a duology by Eros, the writing drew me in, so I when the chance came to read another book from this author, I jumped on it. And I am so happy that I did too. Brooke is a beautifully talented pianist, and well on her way to being even more. That is until she suffers an unthinkable tragedy and loss. After her parents murders, she packs up, sells the family home and moves far enough away that she thinks that she will able to start over. But can she really?

Brooke is young, gorgeous and so such a talented musician. I loved her from the start, and had no problem connecting with her. Growing up playing the piano myself, I could understand her sitting in front of her piano, and losing her self, it is an easy thing to do with beautiful music like that. She is a strong girl especially for what she went through. Chase is the main character, he seemed to be a complex guy. And his back story tells us why. he has a tough guy side, which I liked, but it was his vulnerable side that made me just adore him. Brooke and Chance ahs some chemistry, and the romance was well done, but progressed a little on the fast side, but it didn’t bother me at all. The other side characters, each had their own parts that were an importance, and were pretty great in a few different ways.

This has a wonderful setting in Alaska, it is one place that I move to in a heartbeat. The story itself packed an emotional punch. I felt Brooke’s anguish and loss, and her strength. The killers of her parents were still unknown, and the investigation is still going strong. With it came enough suspense that kept me on my toes trying to figure out who was behind the murders right along with the detectives. I was surprised and not surprised at the same time, when it was revealed who was behind it all, if that makes sense. It was great! Eros, has again captivated with me her writing and characters, and I am curious as to who the second book in this series is going to be about. I know I will certainly be picking it up.

The Darkest Joy was a heart pounding and emotional journey about learning to live and love again, that keeps you rotting for the characters all the way till the end. Pick this one up for sure.

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