Defining Destiny - Deanna Chase

I am a hopeless romantic, and a sucker for reading about the whole soul mate thing, so I knew this was right up my alley. Lucy is a wonderful singer, and with her boyfriend Caden, they make unbelievable music together. But he is not what he seems, he’s a jerk and has been working behind her back when it comes to the songs they sing and Lucy writes. She has ventured out on her own, and she is is still amazing singer. As I was reading, I just wanted to do well on her own and rotted for all the way.

Or two main characters and Seth have been through a lot. Both have warded off love for different reasons. Lucy for having been cheated on, and she is still dealing with the loss of her father. thought she was likable, she was pretty resilient for going through some major crap with the ex-boyfriend. Seth, has lost his love in a tragic accident. He has no interest in loving anyone and or letting anyone even close enough for that. His story was so sad, and I felt for him. The side characters were great, well except for Caden, which can I say again, he was a jerk.

The story revolves around the concept that everyone has that one soul mate, the one who they love and are meant to be with. This was listed as a paranormal romance, as when the soul mates were together, they has some kinda of special ability together, I think on that aspect it was a small part. It seemed like it more about learning to live on their own. These two had some major things to overcome, and truths were revealed on both sides. It wasn’t an easy journey for either on them. but this is a journey that you feel all the emotions, grief and love. And raised the question of, is it possible to have more than one soul mate. I thought is was all done really well. and the ending wrapped up all the loose ends too and I was happy with it.

Defining Destiny was an enjoyable read, it had just paranormalcy to it, and the romance was sweet. And with great characters, what more could I have asked for. I look forward to reading more of Chases writing. This is certainly worth the read.

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