Breaking Nova - Jessica Sorensen
Breaking Nova is one those books that just stick with you. I was thinking about it when I wasn’t reading it, wondering what was going to happen with Nova. Would she get through it all? Would Quinton forgive himself? What happened between them? So many questions, and it was so worth it.

Nova has been through something that I couldn’t imagine going through. She doesn’t believe that she deserves to be happy, to love and that she failed Landon. She has other emotional scars that still haven’t healed either, it’s like she has lost the will to live and moves on. I just wanted to grab her and hug her and tell it will all be okay. Quinton is just as broken, but for slightly different reasons. He lives with an intense amount of guilt and just like Nova, he doesn’t think that he should have any happiness. One of the secondary characters, Delilah who was Nova’s best friend. She seems to running from something as well, but there wasn’t anything about the why. I hope that there is more of her in the second book too.

Breaking Nova follow two very broken young people. It might not be for everyone, yes it has lots of drug use and drinking and deal with some darker issues, that are emotional ones. I don’t think that doing any of this is going to take away the pain of the loss that Nova and Quinton has suffered, they believe that is numbs the pain, and is something I can understand. The dual POV lets us know the feelings, and the flashes that Nova and Quinton both have gives the information about their pasts that was needed to understand a little more as to why they feel the way they do. It may not be the best romantic relationship for them, but it was what they needed to heal. But I did like that it was slow burning, and wasn’t just about sex and nothing else. And while I am a sucker for the happy endings, it doesn’t have the they rode off into the sunset together, but was one of hope. It is a cliffhanger though, and I will certainly be picking up the next book. I want to what happens now.
Breaking Nova is an all consuming, heartbreaking story. At times it was hard to read, because of the emotions it stirred up, and is a beautiful story of hope and healing. I think that fans of the the darker contemporaries will love this.

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