Becoming Alpha - Aileen Erin

Becoming Alpha is the first in a new werewolf series. The blurb gave a promising concept with the secret boarding school, and thought this one might be a good one to get back into the supernatural world of werewolves. It follows 17 year old Tessa, (love the name too, my Chihuahua’s name is Tessa) who has vision when she touches them. She most teenagers, she just wants to fit and have friends and maybe being in a new state and new school will be what she needs. Only that really isn’t the case, there is something different at this school, which she soon finds out. On another note, as teenage girls, we all want the epic kiss and when gets her, it changes everything dramatically and not in the way she hoping for. But will she make the best of it, or run?

Tessa wasn’t Dastien, well, what can I say but holy hotness! This completely Alpha male is charming and strong, yet overbearing at times too, but even with with full of himself attitude sometimes, I really liked him. The relationship between Tessa and Dastien was on the insta-love side, but in this case it really didn’t bother me. Most supernatural beings have the one soul mate that they are meant to be with, so I tend to get all worked up over the insta-love attraction. Now there is a kinda a love triangle things going on, but it doesn’t really last all that long, so it wasn’t a big deal. The secondary characters

I am a sucker for boarding schools settings and this school, and the idea of a school for werewolves was something that drew me to this story. The more that is revealed about the school, the more it became clear that werewolves weren’t the only supernatural beings walking the halls. The female were’s weren’t thrilled with Tessa at all, because girl were’s are rare, so they aren’t that willing to allow to be apart of their fold. So, of course there is drama plus and the normal teenage drama that occurs in high school, so there isn’t any dull moments in that department. The mystery behind the attacks that are happening, add some suspense and it made me want to turn the pages faster just to find out what was going on. Ooh, and there are vampires too. Love me some vampires. The ending was good, and there is plenty of things that I am hoping for in the next installment, that I will make sure I pick it up. I would love to see more about Tessa and her wolf side, and more about some of the other characters too, especially Meredith. The next book, Avoiding Alpha, it is set to be out May of this year.

Becoming Alpha is an excellent start to a new werewolf series, and is certainly has promise to be a fantastic series. I would definitely recommend this to fans of ya paranormal romances and shapeshifters and other supernatural beings.