The Brokenhearted - Amelia Kahaney
I have to admit, the premise and cover for this is what drew me to it. I mean a ballerina with a bionic heart, how could I go wrong. It turned out to be a little different than I was expecting. Anthem is a young girl on her way to be a extraordinary ballerina, but soon finds herself in a whole new world and secrets to protect.

Anthem is from a wealthy family, a ballerina, she was also naive. I understand the need to break loose when she is giving some space, but she was very impulsive and didn’t make the best decisions, but being sheltered by her parents didn’t help with that. She suffers a tragic accident and dies and when she received her new mechanical heart she changed at least for the better, I did like her more than I did at first. She has new abilities, strength, and speed. The love interest, Gavin was the “bad boy” from the other side. I could see the appeal for Anthem, but not some of the decisions she made when it came to him.

The Brokenhearted has a fantastic premise, but sadly the execution just didn’t do it for me. The first half was on the slow side, it does pick up about half way through, but with the issues I was already having, I had a hard time trying to immerse myself in Anthem’s world. The relationship between Anthem and Gavin was an issue for me. Anthem didn’t know him for very long, well she knew him for about a week and was “in love with him” and gave herself to him just as quickly. The problem other than how quickly she gave her virginity is the that she still had a boyfriend. So, the cheating was an issue for me. I would have really liked to have known how the bionic heart worked and why it made her the way she was, but I didn’t get a lot of answers on that front. There was plenty of action in the second half and some hints as to who was behind some of the events that took place and it does set up the story with a big cliffhanger ending for another book. So, I’ll guess we’ll see.

While the first half didn’t work for me, the second half was better and was an just okay read for me. I know there are some mixed reviews for this, but if you are a fan of super hero-science fiction type books, I think you’ll enjoy it.

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