Echoes of Balance (The Ways Trilogy, #1) - Cally Ryanne
Echoes of Balance in the first in The Ways Trilogy, it has a beautiful cover and the plot definitely has some potential. Vampires, demons, and a race name Naimei. Who are they, what are they, all things that I wanted to know. And a young girl who is at the center of it all. Sounds good right? Chloe has to play the part of being a typical highs school and do all the things that teenage girls do. This is not her real mission though, she has to find and befriend person that is fear by her race as a weapon in the resurrection the Original Demons. And try and stop it from happening.

Chloe is a hunter, vampires, demons, you name it, she hunts it. Her heritage calls for it. She really isn’t interested in the Ways and their doings. She seems to have a good head on her shoulders and isn’t perfect, and even though she just wants to hunt, she has a maturity to her that makes her more aware of consequences of her actions. Chloe was a great main character. Chloe’s family and friends and even the few new people she meets are made for a fantastic cast. There is a possible love interest, and there are two of them but no long triangle presented itself, not enough time for that with the whole possible end of the world thing going. I have to say, that I think either pick would be a good one, so I am looking forward to seeing how the “romance” plays out in the next book.

The story has it all, shape shifters, vampires, and one set of people who have some special powers and who are suppose to keep balance of it all. I was happy that the traditional aspect was kept when it came to all the paranormal creatures. They weren’t especially evil, but the mysterious about them, is what I enjoyed. Are the looking out for themselves, or are they part of the plan to bring back the Demons that could destroy the world. The Naimei is in interesting race, they have laws and traditions to keeping the peace and balance between the world and the supernaturals. The Originals Demons will cause havoc, and following Chloe on her journey to learn who and why this is all happening was a pretty good ride. And her meeting two enigmatic vampires, helped too. The was enough action at times, that it kept me turning the pages to see what happened.

I think that overall this is a really good start to the series, the characters were ones that I enjoyed and the plot itself was too. The ending set up for the next book and I was happy with it, so I’ll be on the lookout for it. I would recommend pick it up.

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